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Choo Choo City Rails Home Layout Tours Descriptions

Bill Orman's MLS&T - Date, Time.

The MLS&T is a HO freelanced, present day railroad, depicting the Tennessee and Southern Kentucky landscape. Trains originate and return to Memphis, TN and Meridian, MS (hidden staging) using a shared NS/CSX mainline arriving in New Holland yard for distribution to several major industries. The layout is primarily a switching layout with 128 feet of mainline, a branchline (Tucker) providing five industries to serve, and Seeburg-Simmons industrial park on a peninsula.

Major industries served are an auto plant car loading facility, an auto transload facility to car carrier trucks, auto parts suppliers and JIT warehousing, as well as, a container/transload yard for container traffic and various tank cars. Additional traffic includes a coal fired power plant, salvage company, cement plant and flour mill providing a broad array of traffic on the railroad.

Roy Masterson's Louisville Southern  - Date, Time.

The HO scale Louisville Southern was built for operations and is a point-to-point layout set in the late 1960's.  The LS operates from Harriman, Tennessee to Decatur, Alabama and motive power consists of Southern, L&N and Tennessee Central.  Major towns on the LS are Rockwood, Chattanooga, Bridgeport, Scottsboro and Huntsville. 

The layout has a 230' mainline on two levels in three rooms in the basement.  To get between the levels there is a double track helix with a radius of 35 1/2 on the outside track and 33 1/2 on the inside track.  The Dispatcher sits inside the helix but has his own switcher and is responsible for switching the town of Scottsboro on top of the helix and interchanging with east and westbound trains along with his other duties.  NCE throttles are used as well as Decoder Pro with a wireless router allowing various Smart Phone devices to run the trains.

Jerry Holmes's Alleghany Sub - Date, Time.

The Alleghany Sub was, (and still is), principally a coal hauling, class 1 line, requiring the heaviest of motive power with pushers to move long strings of loaded hoppers east over the Alleghany summit. It is an 80 mile run from the marshalling yards at Hinton, W. VA:. to the classification yards at Clifton Forge, VA. The coal was usually moved,· during this period, by a pair of huge, 2-6-6-6, H-8 Allegheny type, articulated steam locomotives, one in front, one in the rear.

Premium passenger service was also high on C & O's list of.priorities in those days with many trains such as the George Washington and the Sportsman running daily over ~he line between Washington, D.C. and Chicago. These trains usuall made stops and drops at the mountain resort town of White Sulpher Springs, site of the famous Greenbriar Hotel.

Ed Tougaw's Intermont & Western Virginia Railroad - Date, Time.

The I&WV Railroad (a.k.a. “the Weavie RR) is a fictional railroad located in the south western tip of Virginia set in late steam transition era of 1955 through 1958.  It connects and serves as a bridge line between the Interstate RR on the east and the Chesapeake & Ohio RR on the west.  These two connections provide traffic from several major lines including Southern, L&N, NW, WM, and Clinchfield railroads.  The primary sources of online revenue for the Weavie RR are generated by three coal branch lines and timber.  A short line dedicated to moving timber, the Ken Cove & Williamsburg RR shares trackage between Ken Cove and Ridgeside.

This multi-level N scale layout features 3.5 scale miles of mainline, a marshalling yard, and facilities for servicing coal locomotives.  Ed uses tried-and-true electrical blocks with several DC cabs.