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Pelle Søeborg

Pelle Søeborg is a model railroader known for his ability to create ultra-realistic scenes. His main modeling focus is modern-era railroading in the California desert, but his techniques are useful whatever your modeling subject.

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Lance Mindheim

Lance is the owner of the Shelf Layout Company and is a frequent contributor to Model Railroader and Model Railroad Craftsman.  He has written several books on various topics including layout contruction and operations.

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Clinic Descriptions:

Time As a Planning Concept:

Model railroading is a recreational endeavor and, as such, how we spend our often limited time pursuing it deserves some thought.  How long do we want to spend on construction before we can run at least a few trains? How long do we want a running session to last?  What aspect of the hobby do you want to spend the most time on? What is our desired lifespan for the layout? These are but a few of the time related topics we’ll explore.

Model Railroading As Art:

In addition to the enjoyment we get from building and operating our layouts, we can also do so through the simple act of viewing them.  In other words, thinking of them as we would a piece of art.  If we do so, then the same principles used in the art world can be applied.   The clinic covers subjects such as color treatment, scene composition, backdrops, and photographic presentation.

Stephen Priest

Stephen M. Priest, MMR, has always loved model railroading. He got his start with N scale in 1967, quickly moving up to a Lionel set his father purchased for him. This was later followed by a move to HO scale where Stephen has remained ever since.

In college, Stephen studied architecture and then engineering at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas before going to work for the Santa Fe Railway. He has worked as a conductor, engineer, assistant trainmaster, trainmaster, and assistant manager of the Track Geometry Department (Engineering). As a professor, he has taught conductor and engineer classes at the BNSF training facility in Kansas City.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience with the prototype, Stephen has helped design hundreds of models for a number of well-known manufacturers. His scale drafting work has been featured in many articles, magazines, and books. As a writer, Stephen has penned many articles that have appeared in various model railroad magazines for more than 25 years. Previously, Stephen has been the editor of the National Model Railroad Association’s magazine and author of several books. His most recent book, Santa Fe Diesel Painting and Lettering for Model Railroaders, was published for the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, of which he has been a member for years.

He has worked with the publication teams responsible for Railroads Illustrated, Model Railroad News, and Passenger Train Journal.  Stephen was named editor of Railroad Model Craftsman in 2014. Recently, Stephen joined the team at as Marketing Manager.

The latest model railroad built by Stephen, his wife Cinthia, and their son Joel, is the Santa Fe St. Louis Division, a 3,400 sq. ft. HO scale model railroad.

John Stewart

John Stewart is a retired Civil Engineer with a lifelong interest in Model Railroading. After moving to Birmingham, AL in 1992 on a corporate transfer, he discovered Birmingham’s rich industrial and railroad history. In researching this topic for a new model railroad, he created a website about Birmingham’s rail and industrial history which has become a resource for many interested in this topic.

John’s model railroad interests are generally focused on the steam era and Birmingham’s iron and steel industry. His second “Birmingham” layout, the Birmingham District Model RR is an operations oriented model railroad which is long on operations and short on scenery. It hosts monthly operating sessions and is open to anyone interested in learning about and enjoying operations.

John enjoys sharing Birmingham’s rail and industrial history as well as related model rail topics in a variety of presentations at local, regional and national NMRA conventions and other venues. He is an active editor of the NMRA SER SouthErneR, the Steel City Division Coupler newsletters and has authored a number of articles on Birmingham rail and industrial history for the R&LHS Mid-South Flyer newsletter. He and his wife Nancy have three grown sons, enjoy church choir, TV mysteries and live in Hoover, AL.