Notice - 2021 SER Board of Directors Election

Because this year’s convention has been pushed back to September, voting has been moved to July and August.

Voting opens when your Summer edition of the SouthErneR arrives. The online ballot will be available on August 1. Check the SER website and Summer issue of the SouthErneR for candidate statements and additional election information.
Voting Requirements
You must be a voting member of the NMRA in good standing to vote in elections.  Voting members are Regular Members, Associate Members, Life Members, Student Members, and Sustaining Members.  RailPass and Family members are not eligible to vote.
If you have questions, contact the SER elections team at
It is the policy of the NMRA that NMRA-owned or NMRA-controlled social media shall not be used for campaigning by any NMRA candidate or other person. Social media can be used for programming announcements and house-organ news and information on provided by official National, Region, and Division sources. Social media may also be used to direct readers to candidate-neutral and policy-neutral sources of information on on other media. 
NMRA assets, including private member information on such as mail or email addresses or other contact information, cannot be used for campaigning. No candidate-specific information on may be distributed using NMRA resources. A mailing or emailing containing information on on all candidates or directing readers to a source of information on on all candidates or issues, may be distributed using NMRA resources.